Posted by: Sam | May 18, 2010

First Official Post

Hello everyone this is my first official post 🙂 I woke up yesterday around 11-is, so late I know. My first meal of the day was a tortilla pizza comprised of an Ezekiel Sprouted Wheat wrap, Trader Joe’s Pizza Sauce, and reduced-fat cheese. I topped it off with some red onions and avocados, it was delicious!

I followed lunch up with a Kashi oatmeal cookie & chocolate chips, yummyness. Unfortunately I seem to have forgotten to take a couple of pictures, there’s always tomorrow.

I didn’t do much later in the afternoon, I just walked around the mall a bit and when I got home I did an 8-minute circuit training courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats and DVD workout before eating dinner.

I forgot to take a picture of dinner, but I had rice with some fish and sweet & sour soup my grandma made. I followed dinner up with apple slices and peanut butter ❤

I headed over to my friend’s house, her parents are out of town for 2 weeks, and watched the season finale of Gossip Girl. Spoiler Alert! OMG! Jenny’s such a biznatch. I hope Chuck is okay, but he probably will be. Georgina preggers with Dan’s baby, Serioulsy! I highly doubt it’s his child. It seems that next season Dan and Serena might be back on. Poor Blair, I hope she finds someone else. Looks like Nate is going to be a bit of a womanizer next season. End of spoilers.

Anyways, after watching gossip girl my friend made some rigatoni with Alfredo sauce, yellow bell peppers, and some sausage. I got a bit hungry and ate a bit of it. Nothing too crazy. Until tomorrow 🙂


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